Hospital networks and pharmaceutical companies are actively engage in continuous improvement using Lean and Six Sigma. Why? It is helping them improve patient care and keep costs down. While traditionally performance metrics were charted on paper and action items were take down in notebooks modern electronic tools and the portability of tablets have made it possible to manage metrics and tasks digitally right by the patient’s side. Over the past few years KPI Fire has become a trusted solution for Lean management in hospitals making CI project management and KPI dashboards accessible to leaders in the emergency department, lab, and across the leadership team. Tracking work electronically makes it easier to share and keeps people focused on the action items they need to work on first. Continuous improvement can fit nicely in a nurse or doctor’s daily rounding and standard work.

Technology has reshaped healthcare through EMR and systems to manage PHI. Now KPI Fire is taking continuous improvement in healthcare to the digital age. Read more about how tech is improving healthcare below.

Lean Project Management Software for Healthcare - Nurse