Top 5 Ways to Avoid Post Christmas Break Disaster!

  1. Shut It Off. To have an amazing, super relaxing, “I can’t even remember where I work” kind of Christmas – Holiday break you have to commit! Go all in and turn off the phone and the laptop and hide them in a drawer until Jan 5th. You can do this.
  2. Be specific in your Out of Office email. “I’m so glad you reached out to me during my week of rest and relaxation. So sad you can’t join me here on the island of all fun – no work. I will be on this island and completely offline until 8am January 5th. Don’t leave a message or call. I’ll be doing a mail purge first thing when I get back.”

    Ok. At this point you’re thinking, “This is going to CAUSE disaster not PREVENT IT!” Wait for it…

    Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation

  3. Schedule your week back now, before you leave. Start at the top of the priority list and put those people, customers and projects on the calendar. Make sure that week is jam packed with exactly the business plants you need to water to bring them back to life. Having a plan eliminates the stress and worry and allows you to relax.
  4. Delegate Stress. You deserve a break. Let the new gal earn her stripes this holiday and give the “must do, can’t wait, holidays are torture” tasks to her. Who’s going to take care of the action items from that last staff meeting? Maybe it’s the intern. He’s really hungry for a challenge.
  5. “Let it go… Let it go…” Emails will go unanswered, messages with no responses, balls will be dropped and I’m not talking New York here. The funny thing about this giant spinning rock is how is just keeps going and the world never seems to end. Yours won’t either. I promise.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your favorite Strategy Execution and Project Management Software team, KPI Fire!