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SILICON SLOPES, UT — June 17, 2016. To a global automotive manufacturing company, real-time data from each plant is vital to decision making and efficiency. Venture SA implemented KPI Fire to help teams in South Africa, China and India simplify communication, increase visibility, and stay connected. Now that managers can track their own Key Performance Indicators as well as the KPIs of each factory in real time, the entire company is making smarter business decisions.

Prior to implementing KPI Fire, directors at Venture would send dozens of emails to get status updates on regional metrics and projects. By the time management received updates, data was already days or weeks old, crippling their ability to make real-time decisions and help employees on the ground. To solve this problem, CEO Mark Walker needed a simple solution that would allow his team to track all of Venture’s KPIs and how each team’s action items contribute to overall goals.

“KPI Fire was the fastest way to give myself and my team visibility to each plant’s performance. My team is really pleased with the simple, crisp interface and the fact that they can track their tasks, not just their metrics.” – Mark Walker

Venture’s 500+ managers and employees now have access to the system that simplifies how they manage their daily work activities and keeps them focused on their goals: providing easy access to their KPIs and the impact each project is having on the organization.

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KPI Fire is cloud based software that helps the VP of Strategy and Continuous Improvement easily manage projects and goals across multiple divisions and geographic locations without the headache of constantly asking for status updates and reports. KPI Fire combines Business Intelligence, Project Management, and Strategy Execution in 1 powerful platform. With KPI Fire leaders have real time KPIs at their fingertips so they can make informed business decisions. KPI Fire is trusted by world class companies like Yahoo!, Venture SA, Washburn University and Steiner Electric.

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