Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release August 31, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Features

QR Code for mobile app on New Idea Page

  • New Idea

    • Use mobile device to scan QR Code (contact your account manager to enable)
      • Open AppStore
      • Download the App
      • Submit ideas from anywhere
QR Code - New Idea Page

Utilize the import feature to do a mass update on project Categories

  • Projects -> List View

    • Click Actions
      • Import Projects
      • Download Project Import Template
      • Add fields you want to update, Categories is now an option
        • Save File
      • Go back to Project Import Wizard
        • Select File
        • Click Import
Category Import

Balanced Scorecard methodology utilizes financial and non-financial goals and metrics.

  • Huddleboard -> Balanced Scorecard

    • Click Add and select New Huddleboard
      • Name the Huddleboard, select Department, and visibility
        • Click “add goal” and link
      • Feature help can be found here

See collapsed departments on the Project Benefits Report

  • Projects -> Reports
    • Project Budget Report
      • Click on any collapsed department
        • Pop-up will be opened showing all dependent departments
Project dependents pop-up

Changes made to workflow charters can now be applied to existing projects

  • Settings -> Workflows
    • Open Workflow
      • Resize change position for any field and/or create new field
      • Click Save
      • Workflow charter layout updated pop up will appear
        • Select either:
          • Yes, apply to existing
          • No, only to future

Send email to assigned task user

  • Tasks
    • Within the project go to Tasks
      • Assign task to the Owner
        • Click Notify at the top of the list
Task assignment email notification

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Release Date 8/31/2022
    • Fix issue with calculation of % complete data mode is average and set to use beginGreen mode
    • Improve performance of metric batch update api
    • Update styling of Tags on project charter. Now will only display selected tags. All tags are available when user clicks “+ tag”
    • A few UX fixes on Balanced Scorecard feature when metrics use sub metrics for calculations
    • Project Benefits Budget Report: Added export for the summary data
  • Release Date 8/27/2022
    • Fixed duplicate field showing in workflow
    • When deleting a group and moving tasks to another project/group the current stage and prior stage will now update
    • Fixed Idea Funnel filter for low to high and high to low
    • Now able to export project benefit accounts on a Huddleboard
  • Release Date 8/25/2022
    • Data entry for metrics column title colors corrected (Red, Yellow, Green)
    • Adjusted formatting on Balanced Scorecard so that titles will show completely
    • Imported project will default to “Visible to All”
  • Release Date 8/23/2022
    • Project Log File:  Now shows log entry for “task deleted”
  • Release Date 8/16/2022
    • Custom X-Matrix: Fixed issue with Print view missing css
    • Project Benefit Accounts on Huddleboards: Fixed issue affecting calculations for some user roles
    • Project Benefits: Added option to include a Forecast value
    • Idea Funnel: sub-tab selection (to prioritize/prioritized/rejected) will be saved as you navigate away and back
    • Kanban view: fixed issue affecting tasks moved to done in some cases
  • Release Date 8/11/2022
    • Adjusted project list view so year filter does not overlap with projects list
    • Global filter removed from daily update page
    • Fixed bug to enable text tiles to be edited on huddleboard when more than one text tile in is present
    • Changed permissions so project leader can open a metric from project charter or huddleboard for teams they are on
  • Release Date 8/10/2022
    • Edit User Profile:  Added close “x” to the top right corner
    • Change Task Owner:  You can now close the user list by clicking outside the list
    • Updated popover help when notifying user that task is being assigned to a team member
    • Batch Update Metrics API:  Fixed, added documentation for extra fields
  • Release Date 8/3/2022
    • Improved priority change pop-up to clarify notification options
    • Improved log file entries
    • Added file preview for uploaded files on project tiles tab
    • API Improvements:
      • Small fix to improve API performance
      • Added new API for project & goal status reports
    • Fixed Issues:
      • Formatting in task notes
      • Weekly metrics displaying wrong quarter on initial load
      • Drop downs on external idea input on some mobile devices