Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release October 29, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Features

New Input option for metrics: Calculate metric from project benefits

  • Metrics

    • Open any metric
    • Go to Data tab
      • In data input method select “Sum Project Benefit Account”
        • Confirm that you want data replaced
    • Notes:
      • Will not work with non-January fiscal year (this will be added in next few weeks)
      • Metrics using this option can not be updated via external API or via CSM import.

Added the “Add Team feature to Goal records”.  Similar feature previously existed inside Project to add entire team with one input value of team name.

“Close the Books” for Project Benefits.  Admin users can set a lock date for Project Benefit Targets and Actuals.

  • Settings
    • Project Benefits
      • Set Target Lock Date (optional)
      • Set Benefit Actual Lock Date (optional)
    • Notes:
      • Once these dates are entered, no changes can be made to locked periods
      • Extended the validation to limit updates to locked periods via project benefit import.

Change start month

  • Projects

    • Select Projects
    • Go to Project Benefits
    • Change Project Benefit Start Month

Project Benefit Forecast update with Actual input. To ensure more accurate Project benefit forecasts, when a month’s Actual value is updated the forecast value will now be updated with same number.

  • Project Benefit

    • Change value in child row in any month and parent value updates

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Implemented the auto-calculate feature with customer defined zone scores on the Balanced Scorecard Huddleboard
  • Show target on control charts
  • xMatrix:  Show secondary relationships
  • Update labels on user profile page
  • Metric List view:  Fix issue with year filter
  • Fix issue with weekly input on Monthly view
  • Project Benefits: Fixed issue where some project benefits were not able to remove a value once entered
  • Minor improvements to some popover & mouseover behavior
  • BSC: Fix issue when Target or Actual was 0 on Smaller is better metrics
  • CSV Export Project Export: fixed issue where renamed workflows may not show correct name in export
  • Improved rapid task input. Now easier to type task name, click enter/return, type next task.
  • Added: Search-> Task: Advanced Search added option to export results to csv or xls
  • Fix issue on worktime by project report week % formula
  • Fixed issue affecting category dropdown on some screen resolutions
  • Fixed issue with Current stage staying open when navigating between project tabs
  • Project Benefits: fixed issue where some benefits could not be updated if no start month was recognized
  • Project Benefits, Forecast option. When actual value is entered in a given month, the forecast value for that month will be updated. Resulting in more accurate project benefit forecasts
  • Fixed minor ui overlap issue on subtasks.