The following features & small fixes are scheduled for release April  29, 2018


  • Show date of file upload next to file name
  • Fix issue affecting Department filters for Project users
  • Fix issue affecting Invite User feature when a default department was not selected
  • Fix issue affecting created by user for notes added
  • Fix issue affecting file uploads
  • Project Export : include Project Name column
  • Fix Timeline Sort by Date
  • Fix issue affecting smaller is better metrics when current month is left blank
  • Multi-select now works with changing dates on multiple tasks at once

The following fixes were added May 7, 2018

  • Fix Projects Work time by team member view is showing deleted projects.
  • Fix Projects Work time by team member view: Department filter is not working properly.
  • Fix: Project List view – user sort order in Project List view columns. Currently sorting by user ID, sort them by A-Z in selection lists