Product Enhancements – Release Notes August 2023

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release – August 31, 2023)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.


  • NEW feature: Introducing the Project Cycle Time ” Days Open” column for Project List View, offering enhanced project tracking and informed decision-making.

Timeline Tab

  • NEW feature: Added Status column on the left of the timeline for improved task management and visibility.

Timeline Tab

  • NEW feature: Timeline View now defaults to Project’s Actual Start & End dates for more accurate chart range.


  • UI Enhancement:Task view now features improved UI with grey-color for “To Do”tasks.


  • UI Enhancement: In the Team tab of Projects, the ‘Editor’ option has been renamed to ‘Edit All’.


  • Enhancement: Changing a member’s role to project leader now automatically designates them as the project owner, and vice versa.


  • NEW feature: When deleting a linked task from a project, automatic unlinking from associated metrics, unless manually linked.

Project Benefits Exception Report

  • NEW feature: The PB Exception Report now includes “Value per Project Leader” data in the popup , providing enhanced insights into project leadership and financial metrics.
  • Enhancement: Implemented logging feature to record approved benefit targets and actuals by month, enhancing transparency and accountability in the approval process.


  • UI Enhancement: Updated Recalculate icon for project benefit sum account, reflecting the metric tied to Project benefit calculation.
  • Enhancement: SumProjectBenefit Account, now only shown when benefits are modified.
  • Enhancement: Metric Lock feature updated to allow editing of the “Notes” tab even for admin-locked rows.


  • Enhancement: Prevented creation of circular relations in X-Matrix view, disallowing linking goals, metrics, and members to themselves for improved data integrity.

Custom X Matrix

  • NEW feature: Introducing the custom X-Matrix feature with a new action button for quick access to the Project Timeline View.


Project Benefits

  • Enhancement:Resolved issue with Project Benefit format in Project Budget Import, now allowing flexible date entry in MMM-YYYY or YYYY/MM format.


  • Enhancement: New users now have default user-visible department set according to selected department and user type.

Project Portfolio Timeline

  • UI Enhancement: Introducing a cleaner, more intuitive header settings arrangement for the Project Portfolio Timeline View, simplifying customization and enhancing user experience.

General Updates/ Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue causing extra undefined months to appear when vertically copying and pasting values with fewer cells than values in Project Benefit Tab.
  • Resolved a crash occurring in the Goal – Xmatrix view when using the “All Departments” filter.
  • Users can utilize the category filter on the PB Exception Report without encountering any issues.
  • We’ve improved user guidance on metric table by updating the Date range help tip label to “Select date to display in metric table.”
  • Resolved issue with incorrect paste behavior in PB Bowling view, where pasting into the forecast would paste into the target.
  • Data is saving for the year 2022 when adding a child metric.
  • Resolved problem with images not uploading on Charters during photo upload.
  • The text on the control chart has been corrected to accurately reflect the intended information.
  • Resolved display issue where Metric Gauge Chart was missing and half circle visible on resizing Huddleboard Metric Tile.
  • Control chart now displaying accurate text “middle is best” on metric charter tab.
  • Showing preview of attachments after renaming on Project’s tasks.
  • Yearly view in metric bowling now displays values correctly without requiring model open and close.
  • Resolved issue with small click target for “Hide numbers” text on X-Matrix model filter, ensuring consistent popup hiding.
  • PB Export now includes all Targets in the CSV export.

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