Product Enhancements – Release Notes March 2024

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release – March 22, 2024)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.


  • Enhancement: Added the ability to attach files/links below the notes box on the Goal detail page.


  • Metric due date can now be changed and saved successfully, ensuring the date persists correctly.
  • NEW feature: Introducing Metric with Parent/Child calculation with the ability to set targets at the parent level. Users can lock to automatically calculate targets from child metrics or unlock to manually input targets.
  • NEW feature : Users can efficiently cut and paste pareto reasons for enhanced workflow.
  • UI Enhancement: Archiving a metric from the popup now correctly removes the metric from the page.
  • Enhancement: Introducing automatic attachment of default Pareto list to newly created metrics.
  • Enhancement: Enhanced metric management with a new unlinking icon, replaces the info (i) icon, and adds hover-over tooltips on metric tile headers.
  • Enhancement: Users can create a new project or select an existing one when creating a task from a metric.
  • Enhancement: Archived calculated metrics now feature an “Archived” label in the “Add Metrics to Calculate” popup instead of appearing blank.

New Idea

  • Enhancement: Users can select multiple files on the new idea page for attachment.


Quick Search

  • Ensuring uniform behavior in quick search project selection, now displaying all results, except deleted, consistent with ‘All’ view.

Huddleboards Search

  • Global text search filter working correctly on Huddleboards page.

Advanced Search

  • Enhancement: Advanced search allows tag searches after entering 1 character instead of three.
  • Enhanced Advanced Search: Now displays informative message when no data is found with applied filters.


  • UI Enhancement: Popover displaying project ID and project sequence when hovering over the sequence number.

Project Benefits Tab

  • NEW feature: Introducing the ability to re-order benefits in the Project Benefits Tab for enhanced organization and customization.

Charter Tab

  • Enhancement: Users can manually enter dates in key dates tile of project, with automatic adjustment of start/end dates if another date is changed.

Tasks Tab

  • NEW feature: Introducing @mention functionality in task notes, similar to task comments.
  • Enhancement: Completion modal only allowing project leaders to change the status to “Complete”, while other users will encounter a gentle completion pop-up.

For Project Leader

For Editor/Edit-Own

Messages Tab 

  • NEW feature: Added mention functionality in project messages, this feature is also added on custom huddleboard project message tile.

Project Portfolio Timeline

  • Enhancement: In Portfolio Timeline, task groups now maintain consistent order between the portfolio timeline view and within the project.

Project Budget Reports

  • UI Enhancement:  Updated UI for the ‘Project Budget Report’ to expand by default when switching to this view.


Default Home Page

  • Introducing the option to set the User Default page to Idea Funnel for enhanced user experience.


  • UI Enhancement: Renamed “Settings” to “General” and “Organization” to “Departments” on the left navigation bar options, and updated header text to “General Settings” and “Departments” respectively on the pages.


  • Enhancement: Added QR code for external idea form on admin general settings.


  • NEW feature: Added dropdown on Organization page for selecting department currency when the “Show currency flag” is checked from Advanced Settings page. Only admin users have permission to change the currency.

Metric Setup

  •  In Metric setup, archiving a parent metric no longer causes linked metrics to disappear; archived parent is now hidden and linked metric is displayed as the root.

Project Benefits

  • UI Enhancement: Added symbols “+” for benefits and “-” for costs in admin settings under project benefits, alongside the corresponding benefit/cost names.


  • Admin settings includes checkbox to “Lock Pareto list in metrics” for each list, The default (unchecked) selection allows users to input new Pareto values when entering new metric data; when enabled (checked), users must choose from the predefined list of Pareto values.


  • UI Enhancement: Users can add value for “certified” and set date to be null in user certification.

General Updates/ Bug Fixes

  • In kanban view, tasks no longer move to pending status without approval.
  • Added space in email templates between task name and project name.
  • Metric bowling in Goal Bowling View display & Metric summary on goal tile showing data correctly.
  • Parent metric with sub-metrics correctly displaying NULL instead of $0 for months with no values.
  • Users will not receive multiple task assignment notifications.
  • Users with “viewer” role are prevented from uploading and linking attachments on metrics and goals.
  • Resolved duplicate project member notifications when adding multiple members sequentially.
  • Goal X matrix from reports page will redirect user to goal x matrix tree.
  • Resolved displaying of undefined department on e-mail when a new idea is created in the user’s department.
  • Admins can change department when activating an idea from the idea funnel modal.
  • Idea users can create ideas and navigate to Timeline view without the page flipping back to the new idea.
  • Resolved extra columns in saved view of project list.
  • Calculated metric will maintain the correct order of metrics after reopening, ensuring calculations are performed with the reversed order as expected.
  • Filter no longer resets when opening a metric and changing the department on metric setup page.
  • Video playback now functions properly after upload, eliminating the need for a refresh to play.
  • Search functionality on users> current users tab working correctly when searching by both first and last names.