Connecting Project Status Reports and Huddle Boards

Use status reports to manage daily/regular updates by team members on a project.

Configure custom status reports. Set reminders to prompt team members to submit status reports. View team status reports in the messages tab of the project. Post a project message tile to a huddle board to review status reports during meetings.

1. Setup:

Workflow –> Status Reports:

  • Create a status report template in a workflow status reports tab
  • Add New Text Fields and edit the headers with custom questions

Project Details:

  • Replace/merge the updated workflow to the project

2. Set Team Reminders

Projects –> Status Reports

  1. Send Reminders to:
    • Select any/all of the team members to receive a status report notifications
    • Select a frequency: Never, Now, Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
    • Select a time
    • Select the date to start the reminders
  2. Fill out a new status report:
    • Email To: forward the status report to a member on the team or an outside email
    • Subject & Project Statistics: are populated from the project charter and header information
    • Add/edit/delete custom fields from the workflow
  3. Status Reports:
    • View previously submitted reports by clicking on the individual tiles

3. View Notifications/ Update Project

Main Navigation Bar

  • Status report reminders will display under notifications

Daily Update Page

  • Status Reports –> Projects Needs Updates: will display all projects with status reports that are due (due dates are based on when reminders are set for).
  • Click on a project tile to navigate to that project’s status report tab

Daily Update Email

  • Notification Settings: configure when to receive a daily update email
  • From the daily update email, click on the project tile to navigate to that project’s status report tab
  • These settings are unique to each user

4. Review Team Status Reports

Project –> Messages tab

  • All status reports will populate as an entry in the message board
  • Add messages to the message board to engage in discussion

5. Manage a Huddle Board meeting

Custom Dashboards

  • Add a New Tile: Single Project –>Select New or Existing Projects –> Messages

Huddle Board

  • Messages will populate from the project selected
  • Send new messages from tile
  • Click on the project title to navigate to the project’s status report tab and submit a new report