The following fixes & features are scheduled for release March 31, 2018


  • Approval request now track Request Date, Number of Days since request was sent, and allow for a comment by approver. 
  • Project Tile View now shows # Days remaining in a project.Project Tile View Days Remaining
  • You can now Link Existing Goals/Metrics/Projects from the Goal-Bowling view “add button”
  • HC: fixed issue with approvals on projects with negative Total Benefit
  • A few adjustments to Goal Bowling view to improve speed in accounts with more data.
    • Goals are expanded by default. Metrics & Projects are collapsed. Now click the colored icons to expand.


Beta Features in Production:

  • [R151] Import Metrics: you can now import metrics from a pre-defined csv template format.  This feature is only available for monthly metrics as of today.  We intend to support other metric intervals soon.

Upcoming Releases:  We are working on these features for upcoming releases:

  • Sub Tasks
  • Report showing metrics in need of update.
  • Skip Weekends in Date calculations for task due dates.
  • Rich text formatting (markdown) in Task notes
  • Rich text formatting in Project Charter
  • Kanban view within Projects
  • Kanban view for Personal Page
  • Adding support for displaying Created  by & Date & Last updated by & date info