Create a Workflow Template

Workflow Templates allow for consistency and efficiency when creating and managing projects. Workflows can be configured as best practices without the ability to modify or they can be used as a foundation to build off of and customize based on the needs of individual projects. Each default tab in the workflow modal has unique customizable fields. Default tabs: Charter, Tasks, Project Benefit, Settings.

Creating a Workflow

  • Create a new workflow from scratch with the “new Workflow” button
  • Clone an existing workflow to later modify by selecting a workflow tab from the “Copy to” dropdown
  • Add new custom tabs with the “+” button.
    • Custom tabs include text, team member, and photo tiles


  • Configure tiles and add content as a foundation for each project
  • Lock users from removing tiles in the charter


  • Create new groups and individual tasks
  • Lock users from editing specific groups or tasks

Project Benefits

  • Create new benefits with cost or benefit direction
  • Lock users from editing benefit tiles from template


  • Select visibility settings by department
    • Only projects in the selected departments can use the workflow
  • Control flexibility of the project
    • Allow users on team to edit other people’s tasks