• Build your own A3 forms! You can now create new tabs in a project then place text tiles on those tabs. Drag and drop the tiles, make them big or small, they snap to a grid making it easy to organize your page. Give each tile a name and save the workflow. Tabs can be unlocked so Project Leaders can edit them or create their own even after a project is activated with a workflow.
  • Improved Project navigation with easy to use drop down menus for Department, Category, Workflow, and Status.
  • Project Benefits metrics navigation is improved. View all metrics at all levels from the start. Then click on a metric to show the tree, the parent and child metrics of that metric. Click on the title to open the metric.
  • Project Benefits metrics show the annual total at the bottom all the time so you can see the summary anytime.
  • Project Benefits metrics have notes which you can see in the open metric or by toggling to the notes as you toggle through the various metric timeframes.
  • Executive License – Your executive team, using this license, can view any and all MPGs (metrics, projects, and goals) even if they are not on the team or in the department of the MPG. Please be aware that this means your “private” projects are not really private to an Executive.
  • View Only License – Give your clients or employees access to only MPGs where they are on the team or that are visible to their department. It’s a good idea to add a new department in your organization structure for “Clients” or “Vendors” if you want to add people outside your organization to MPGs.

Bug Fixes

  • Decimal places on metrics now show the same number of decimal places as the data table.
  • Various inconsistencies in license types behaving differently than planned.
  • Workflows can be changed without losing existing project benefits metrics data.
  • Various other bug fixes so mundane you really don’t want to know.

Removed Functionality

  • None