Release Date: Feb 24, 2019

  • Grid View: Some U/I changes to styling of tiles.
  • Grid View: Add Projects to level 3
  • Grid View: Add toggle to turn on/off
  • Idea Entry: Fix alignment issue on slider
  • Goal Bowling view: Apply refresh after new
  • Projects Task: Fixed issue affecting moving sub tasks to new group

Release Date: Feb 16, 2019

  • Metrics Email Alert: Fixed issue related metric alerts.  Now opens correct tile.
  • View Only License: fixed bug where view only license could add an idea
  • Grid, List, and XMatrix now refresh automatically after adding new data
  • Category Colors updated for better usability and consistency across site
  • Grid View: Fixed bug where level 2 and level 3 goals showed up on level 1
  • Tags are no longer case sensitive, making them easier to search for
  • Metric Detail Page: Fixed issue where year selector may occasionally not open
  • Project Benefits Bowling view. Fixed issue where rows could appear with no data.
  • (Internal reference: 173)

Feb 9, 2018

  • Metric Detail Page:  Add Linked tab to show Linked Goals, Linked Metrics & Linked Projects.
  • Metric Details tab: fixed bug on Actual & Target columns not reacting to change in decimal places control
  • XMatrix- fixed bug where metric name could disappear when data has decimals.
  • Project Visibility: Clarified visibility for “Just me” projects to include user and users with Admin or Executive License role.  Executive License Users can now see all projects created in their Department & below.
  • Goal Export: added export option for Goals.
  • Goal Detail page: Improved Print to Pdf layout.
  • (Internal reference: 172)

Release date:  Feb 03, 2019

  • X-Matrix View
    • Now shows category as background color on each row.
    • Now shows icon for Goal/Metric/Project
    • Goals/Projects can be toggled on/off on top (North/12:00) side of xMatrix
  • Goal Detail page:
    • Added Print to PDF option
    • Added back the option to select a default metric. (On Status report tab for now).
  • Goal Grid View
    • Added Print to PDF option
    • (Internal reference: 170/171)

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