The following updates are scheduled for January 2020:

  • Task Timeline View: Added links to show dependancies.
  • Project Timeline View: Add Schedule icon to indicate project status.  Red clock = Project Late, Yellow = tasks over due, Green = No tasks over due.
  • New notification options: You can now subscribe to notifications for ideas based on department. Also made it a bit easier to click on the Notifications Settings button.
  • Project Export: Updated naming of “Simple export” to now be “Full Export”. Added a few columns to both exports.  Last status report date, last status report note.  Re-ordered the project planned start, planned completion, actual start & actual completion.
  • New Spanish Translation Option 80% complete. Each user can  can select Spanish in their profile setup.
  • Fixes to the Merge workflow feature.
  • User Import: Added some instruction text to the pop up modal.
  • Fixed issue affecting Category filters on Goal Grid View.
  • Removed the “create dashboard” link from home page.  This option remains in the Metrics menu.
  • Task Date inputs. Fix issues setting start date when no date was set prior.

<< Earlier Release Notes: Q4:2019 December

>> Next Release Notes:  Q1:2020 February/March