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Continuous Improvement Software

Use KPI Fire and follow these steps to Continuous Improvement:

  • Firstly, capture and prioritize improvement ideas with effort vs impact analysis.
  • Next, manage projects with a standard approach (DMAIC, PDCA, 8D, other).
  • Don’t forget to track and report project status and project benefits,
  • And be sure to share best practices to become a learning organization.

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Management buy-in will increase as you provide clear line-of-site to strategic initiatives and show visual results in a dashboard & reports.

Here’s how a Continuous Improvement Program works best:

1. Set a Goal & Make it Visible

Lean Program Goals

Strategic Goals

The key to getting management support is to work on goals & projects that will impact the strategic initiatives and KPIs the executive team is focused on.  It is important to keep the goals visible where others can see them and have access to them.

Screenshot from KPI Fire, a simple Lean Program Management software that is based on concepts of Hoshin Kanri or Strategy Deployment tool that takes the place of an X Matrix giving your team clear line of sight to strategic goals.

2. Capture Ideas for Improvement: Eliminate Waste and Variation

Idea Capture Form

Image: Idea Input form in KPI Fire

Don’t let a good idea get past you without collecting it. Put yourself on the floor; because this is where the action is. Talk to people doing the work and ask them for ideas to eliminate waste and variation. We do these Gemba Walks because they are a great way to solicit and capture ideas.

3. Prioritize Ideas:  with Effort vs. Impact Matrix

Image: KPI Fire Idea Funnel for Effort vs. Impact Analysis & filtering

Image: KPI Fire Idea Funnel for Effort vs. Impact Analysis & filtering

This step is important. Schedule a regular meeting with your team to review and prioritize ideas. Fore each idea give it a rating for effort vs impact and your prioritization exercise will be much easier.

KPI Fire’s Idea Funnel helps you organize and select the best ideas to turn into projects. KPI Fire also keeps team members in the loop with an alert or email if they miss the meeting.

4. Take Action: Turn Ideas in to Projects

Project Portfolio gantt view

Manage Projects

Finally, take action. Turn those great suggestions into DMAIC projects, KAIZEN events, or QUICK WINS. KPI Fire has built in workflows for common problem solving methods. Or you can create your own. Upload tools and templates so everyone in your company has a standard problem solving process.

KPI Fire is the most effective and intuitive Lean Six Sigma program management software on the market. We are trusted by many great companies with world class Lean/Six Sigma programs.

5. Celebrate Success by Tracking Project Benefits

Track Project Benefits

Track the hard and soft savings from your improvement projects.  Celebrating successes engages your project team and creates more success.

“KPI Fire has helped our team to collaborate on CI projects while keeping management up to date. It is a key component of our Lean management system.” – US Publishing Company

Take the next step in making your Lean Six Sigma program more effective and more Lean.

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KPI Fire is lean program management software that can help your organization better execute strategic plans and priorities.

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