New Features

  • Improved Project Health and Project Status charts on the project dashboard
  • Blue icons improve visibility to attached files and notes in tasks
  • When users are removed from an account their metrics projects goals and tasks can be reassigned

Bug Fixes

  • Sub tile counts showed deleted metrics projects or goals in some cases
  • Tasks from deleted projects showed up on the user’s task list in some cases
  • Deleting a prior task in the workflow builder would sometimes cause an error
  • User upload feature activating users without email confirmation
  • Red yellow green not showing correctly for project schedule in the project dashboard
  • Task Groups are inserted below existing groups when “Keep My Tasks” is selected upon changing a workflow
  • Team members on some projects had permissions that should not have been allowed
  • Firefox related errors
  • Various other bug fixes

Removed Functionality

  • Metric filter on Idea Funnel (This will be replaced by a metric global filter at the top of the page)