Product Enhancements – Release Notes October 2021

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release October 30, 2021)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.


  • NEW added feature to unlock/lock the layout of the huddleboard by Admin
  • Added unlock/lock icon and Help tip at edit view and huddleboard page view
  • It restricts editing when Huddleboard is Locked
  • Only Admin License type users can lock/unlock the Huddleboard and add/remove/move tiles


  • NEW added huddleboard help link, click to know more about huddleboard

Huddleboard >New Tile pop-up

  • NEW added New Tile help link, click on the link for more information


  • Improved icons consistency on tiles
  • Moved grab tile icon to the header of all tiles


  • Improved performance of loading single project task tile

Project – Charter tab – Text tiles 

  • NEW added editor in text type tiles – Problem/Opportunity Statement, Goal Statement, Project Scope, Notes & Text

Project – Charter tab – Key Dates tile

  • NEW actual completion date is now editable and default “Not Set”
  • Target Project Start Date default “Not Set”

Project – Charter tab – Actions Button – Add New Tile 

  • NEW added feature to allow show/hide tiles on the charter tab

Project – Charter tab 

  • NEW added Charter Help link, click on the link for information about the page

Project – Charter tab – Actions Button – Add New Tile 

  • NEW added New Tile help link, click on the link for more information

Project – Kanban views 

  • Improved order of task to match with Project>Task tab and Huddleboard>Project Task tile

Project – Task tab 

  • Improved tasks move to another group & project functionality
  • Improved edit task using multi-select functionality
  • Improved task drag & drop to another group functionality

Project Timeline Tab  

  • NEW added chart range filter to allow filter task by date range
  • NEW added Help Tip for task color bar definition

My Projects  

  • NEW any user with access to a project be able to mark the project as Favorite and can see from My project page

Project Benefits Report – Chart view  

  • Improved the functionality of export file

Project Benefits Report – Gauge Chart view  

  • NEW added More Filter which allows filtering the total benefits by project status and benefits start and end date range

Project Portfolio Timeline Report 

  • NEW added filter “Show Dates” to choose between Actuals and planned dates to display in the report
  • NEW showing all project dates on the project summary pop-up

Project – External API 

  • Improved API for getting project details by company id
  • New option for limiting results by project#, page size, page number, updated from.

Project Benefit API 

  • NEW added Get Project Benefits API for getting project benefit details
  • Option for limiting results by project#, startDate, & endDate

Goal – Grid view 

  • Improved the functionality of the project status filter
  • NEW added Grid view help link on the page, click on the link for more information about the page

Goal – Settings 

  • NEW added External idea form help link, click on the link for more information

Training Materials 

  • KPI Fire Implementation workflow attached documents updated
    • Updated the End User Training Guide template (.doc)
    • Updated the PPT Training Resource for use with end user trainings.