Topic: Cognitive Disfluency & Metric Upload

This blog post discusses the potential benefits in making certain activities HARDER…. Yes.  We said, it some things should actually be made harder, not easier.  Why?   Psychology research shows us that in certain cases when we make certain information harder to get, we actually are more likely to learn from it and to take action on it.

The digital world, and to a greater extent the offline world, tend to think that high levels of fluency are always better: The easier and the faster, the better. However, the psychological literature suggests that sometimes hard can be better, especially if we want to make people to think more carefully about what is on the screen or even on paper. (1)

Q: When is intentional disfluency a good thing in KPI Fire?
A: When it comes to reporting monthly metrics.


Should I go through the trouble of integrating my ERP into KPI Fire?

If you are using KPI Fire to track your Strategic Plans AND you are using MONTHLY metrics, then we suggest NOT integrating with your ERP.  Why?  Integrating with your ERP will reduce the time that your key people spend touching the information and will actually reduce the likelihood of hitting your goals.

Research tells us:  If, we want people to reflect on, and remember what they read, then we should introduce dis-fluency, to slow the mind down, and allow the reader to engage with the information.(1)

Instead of working on integration, we suggest that  you properly assign your metrics to Departments, and to Individual owners.  Then, use the Metrics- Bowling Chart view as the data input screen.


Advantages of ERP Integration:

Of course, there are definitely times when having an integration is a very good idea. If you are tracking metrics on a Weekly, Daily, or Hourly basis you would probably benefit from integrating your ERP with KPI Fire.   One thing to consider is how much time are you spending on manual metric upload and compare that to the costs (Time & Money) of completing the integration.

Possible advantages of Integrating your ERP

  • Time Savings: The advantages of integrating your ERP with KPI Fire are the time savings that you would otherwise spend on manually transferring the data.
  • Reduced Errors: If you are manually transferring data, you may have errors in your data. These errors are less likely with a proper integration.
  • Timeliness of the data: If you have metrics assigned to too many people, and they are not held accountable to updating them on a regular schedule, you might find that your data is old or stale. An integration can help ensure you have up-to-date information more frequently.


How Do I Integrate my ERP with KPI Fire?

Please contact your account manager if you are interested in integration. We have APIs available that you can provide to your in-house development team or you can contract with a 3rd party who you are willing to provide access to your ERP or data warehouse.  We recommend starting with a phone call or email to your KPI Fire account manager to get the ball rolling.



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