The KPI Fire app will be receiving various updates this week:
Scheduled for:  Jan 18-22

(Draft – This information may be subject to change )

  • Goal Bowling Chart View: Minor improvements to filtering and display of projects.  Fix refresh issue where new project would not display after adding.
  • New Custom Field added for Users Table.  You can use this field to keep track of Certification Levels or any other User specific attribute.  The user table is now exportable with this info included.
  • Goal tile view now shows Parent & Child Goal names as clickable links.
  • Goal Detail View now has option to add new Goal/Metric/Project from this view.
  • Some Improvements to Drag & Drop in Chrome: added to Timeline views.  Change task start & end dates by dragging & dropping.
  • Projects:  Project Benefits within a single project can now be filtered by year.
  • Project Start & End Dates now have separate values for Planned & Actual.
  • Projects:  Linked Goals tab now shows Department for easier linking to correct goal


Other Fixes:

  • Fixed issue related to application not reloading cache when new version is released. This should reduce the need to “refresh” the cache after a new update is released.
  • Various UI display cleanup issues


Upcoming Releases:

  • In this release we also did some behind the scenes work on some features that you won’t see today, but you will see in the upcoming releases including a new Kanban view for tasks
  • Adding support for displaying Created  by & Date & Last updated by & date info