Product Enhancements – Release Notes November 2023

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release – November 25, 2023)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.



  • NEW feature: Introducing the ability to Copy/Clone a Task group, facilitating efficient duplication of entire task structures for streamlined project management.


Advanced Search

  • NEW feature: Deleted tasks can be reactivated by changing their status in the Advanced Search, providing better task management.



  • Enhancement: New default Category values have been implemented for all new accounts.

Company Audit Logs

  • Enhancement: Added central logging for department create, delete, and update actions.
  • Enhancement: Added company audit log for metric reactivation.
  • Enhancement: Added Company audit log for user department changes, status updates, and user imports.


  • NEW feature: Introducing QR Code generation for Idea External Forms, enhancing accessibility and user experience with streamlined sharing capabilities.
  • Enhancement: Project linking modal in Goal now displays linked projects with the option to unlink.

Project Budget Report

  • Enhancement: Users can now switch between “Project Benefit Department” and “Project Department” filtering in the “Display Option” dropdown for more flexible data display.
  • Enhancement: Added project benefit department dropdown to Project Budget Report more filters for department specific filtering.


  • Enhancement: Users can add metric tiles with select the ‘last X periods’ option for all metric frequencies on Custom Huddleboard.
  • Enhancement: Introducing Quick Input for Metrics in Huddleboard! With the addition of a (…) menu on metric tiles.
  • UI Enhancement: Added labels to dropdown fields in Metric charts for better user experience.

General Updates/ Bug Fixes

  • Resolved data loss issue when linking Goal/Metric/Project to sum-of-project-benefit metric in data input method.
  • Huddleboard cloning now functions correctly.
  • Resolved double loading and incorrect redirection of linked submetric icon on Metric Tile/Project/Goal Page.
  • Resolved where clicking on an account with a single tag caused the tag to disappear.

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