Product Enhancements – Release Notes October 2023

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release – October 28, 2023)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

Saved Views & Huddleboards

  • Enhancement: Saved View edit model now includes a Teams tab for saved reports, allowing multiple users to access the same saved view.


Control Chart

  • Missing actual data for Input frequencies  is now automatically hidden on Control chartfor clearer visualization.

Data Tab

  • NEW feature: Added functionality on “Configure Metric” to expand data table.


Custom Huddleboard

  • NEW feature: Users can add Project List Tiles and Goal Tiles with summary components and goal summary switch icon to their custom Home Page.

Custom X Matrix – Portfolio Timeline View

  • Added  sorting options for enhanced functionality on the Portfolio Timeline.

Portfolio Timeline View

  • Added Edit Columns functionality to Custom X-Matrix huddleboard Portfolio Timeline View for improved customization and flexibility.

Portfolio Timeline View

  • Added a vertical line to X-Matrix Timeline View indicating the current date for improved timeline orientation.
  • UI Enhancement: Added health icons to the timeline view hoverover information enhance clarity of color representation.


Advanced Search

  • Enhancement: Advanced Search now supports filtering and searching for tags, enabling users to find all tasks with a specific tag.

Idea Funnel

  • Enhancement: Users can add task groups within ideas without converting to active projects.


Project List

  • UI Enhancement: Project List “Top Few” column now includes ‘ Yes’, and ‘No’ filter options for enhanced data filtering.

Project Benefits Tab

  • Project Benefits Accounts now supports assigning Project Benefits to different departments, enable Benefit Departments from Advanced Settings page.  (contact support/ account manager for assistance with this feature)
  • Enhancement: Added year to chart axis alongside month.

Tasks Tab

  • Enhancements: Users can now open ” Manage All Tags ” in a new tab, enabling simultaneous access to project and settings.

Tasks Tab

  • NEW feature: Introducing a new ‘Tag Filter’ feature to easily view and manage project tasks based on specific tags.

General Updates/ Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the Project List Export functionality to ensure that selected columns now consistently match on the export screen.
  • Currency-type metrics with ‘$’ currency now correctly close in ‘sum of project benefit’ mode.
  • Log file entries will display copied and pasted values in the PB Bowling View.
  • Other metrics now updates correctly when importing after making changes.
  • Resolved data-saving issues for “Note” and “Task” columns with metrics summing sub-metrics and ensured proper BSC Score population in parent metric.
  • Resolved issue where username and password screens were uneditable after logging out without requiring a page reload.
  • Group headers no longer lose their sticky behavior on smaller screens.
  • Enhanced column resizing for a more efficient use of space on Goal List.
  • Project Summary Report Department & Workflow chart filter working correctly affecting other charts on the page.