The following improvements are Release 161, (Release date July 24, 2018)

The following updates were made as part of this release:

  • Metric Tile Toggle Options.  Click the mouseover arrows on the left or right side of the metric tile to display other tile views.
  • Metrics: New Summary chart for metrics:  See a summary of your metrics by department and by color.


  • Filters:
    • Small change to department filter to clear selected department. If you don’t select any department after clearing the filter, it will be set to your default filter.
    • View Only license type can now see Goal Filter.
    • Click the small “x” on user or Department filter to reset it to its default value. 
    • Goal filter now has a searchable field for locating goals with a few keystrokes rather than sorting through long lists.

  • Projects: Workflow tab, added sort by options for: Owner, Task Name, Status, Due Date, and Priority


Various Bug Fixes:

  • User Stats page Bar Chart: Control Stage projects now show in their own column.
  • Timeline views: Fixed issue in Chrome Browser where right side would not drag.
  • Fixed issue with metric import with some start date months.

August 13, 2018

  • Updated gradient color on Idea Funnel
  • Fixed bug on Text filter if a metric name was empty
  • Fixed bug on text filter for user names with spaces