The following fixes & features are now live in KPIFire as of March 17, 2018.


  • Users can now set a default saved view
  • Add Control Status for Project Status
  • Metric Export format now matches Metric Import requirements. This makes it easier to export an existing metric and edit the data in Excel and re-import or create similar metrics.
  • Added note on Project Benefits to add costs as negative numbers.
  • Project Tasks mass update feature now allows to unselect all tasks, and select by task, by task group, or by all tasks.
  • Fixed issue with linking metrics.
  • Project Benefits: fixed issue causing red/yellow/green bands to not show properly.
  • Due Date not showing correctly after GMT +0
  • Fix bug: private goals showing in goal filter.
  • Metric bowling view: fixed issue with year filter
  • Fixed: any user license can edit project charter. Only Team Members should be able to edit Charter info.
  • Fixed issue causing top menu buttons to flicker when page was scrolled down.


Beta Features in Production:

  • [R151] Import Metrics: you can now import metrics from a pre-defined csv template format.  This feature is only available for monthly metrics as of today.  We intend to support other metric intervals soon.

Upcoming Releases:  We are working on these features for upcoming releases:

  • Report showing metrics in need of update.
  • Skip Weekends in Date calculations for task due dates.
  • Rich text formatting (markdown) in Task notes
  • Rich text formatting in Project Charter
  • Kanban view within Projects
  • Kanban view for Personal Page
  • Adding support for displaying Created  by & Date & Last updated by & date info
  • Updating the “link Goals/ Metrics” interface
  • More improvements to bowling charts