Finding Metrics, Projects, and Goals is now even easier with Global Filters

KPI Fire V4.1 has some new filters at the top of each page. Here’s how they work. There are 4 filters, a clear filter button, and a button to switch from hierarchical to a flat view. Filter by:

  • Users
  • Departments
  • Goals
  • Fiscal Year

Selecting any of these filters will display the Metric, Project, or Goal tile associated with that person, department, goal, or year. Click the “expand hierarchy” icon to the left of the filters to select all departments below a selected department or goals below a selected goal. Use the Clear Filters button to quickly remove all filters (selects all users, all departments, all goals, all years). Year filters will show Goal and Project tiles that are active during those years. Metric tiles are always active so the year filter changes what data is displayed in the Metric rather than showing or hiding the metric.

Example: If a metric has data in 2017 selecting 2017 will show the data for 2017. Selecting 2018 will still show the Metric Tile but will display data from 2018.

Example 2: A project that has a start date of 2017 and a target completion date in 2019 will show for years 2017 – 2019 but not in 2020.

Example 3: A goal has child goals which also have child goals. To view just the top level goals use the hierarchy view then drill down by clicking the goal icon on the bottom of the tile to view the child goals. To view all the goals at the same time use the flat view. Note that the flat and hierarchy views are not applicable in list views such as the Idea Funnel or Project Dashboard list view.

Here’s a quick PowerPoint overview of the new Global Filters.

New Features

  • Global Filters
  • Improved user invite pages and email
  • Improved logic for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly metrics

Bug Fixes

  • Project Benefits rollup behaviors
  • Export project fix
  • Various small bugs, color changes, etc…

Removed Functionality

  • None