KPI Fire goes to Ludicrous Speed

New Features

  • Critical enhancements to usability in Internet Explorer… because we love the ‘80’s as much as you do
  • Architectural changes to enhance speed and user experience
  • Global filters for Users, Goals, and Departments
  • Project Duration chart showing the average, minimum, and maximum time to close a project for completed projects. Global filters apply.
  • User types changes explained
    • Admin -> Administrator License
    • Manager -> Strategy License
    • User -> Project License
    • (NEW) -> Idea License

Bug Fixes

  • Department filters not returning completed projects in some cases
  • Tiles in edit mode not respecting filters
  • Various other bugs and UI changes.

Removed Functionality

  • Metric Filtering in the Idea Funnel has been removed and will be replaced with Global Metric Filtering in V4.1
  • User filtering on the User’s home page. You can now see other user’s projects with the global user filter on the main projects page.