Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release September 29, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Features

Project Charter Linked Metrics: added easier unlink option

  • Projects
    • Find your project
    • Charter tab
    • Under Linked Metrics
      • Can now unlink a metric
Link Unlink Metrics on charter

New visual indicator for “more filters”

  • Project
    • Select your filters and they now show in blue so you can quickly view what filters are set

Chart option for hourly metrics

  • Metrics
    • New Tile
    • Metrics
      • Link Metric
    • Select Bar or Line Chart
      • Hourly View
      • Select data points
Chart options for hourly notes

Project Benefit Exception Report

  • Projects
    • Go to reports
    • Click on Project Benefits Exception Report
Project Benefit Exception Report

Project Benefit account text is clickable from within the project

  • Projects
    • Select any project with project benefits
      • Now all benefit titles are clickable
Clickable Benefits

Project Benefits button location

  • Projects
    • Select any project without project benefits
      • Project Benefit
        • Add Selected Benefit/Cost Accounts

Project Budget Reports

  • Projects ->Reports->Project Budget Reports
    • Now shows departments when no projects exist in the department
    • Updates to colors and labels
    • Added filter by workflow

Project Budget Reports now show name of benefit with target, forecast & actual

  • Projects ->Reports->Project Budget Reports
    • Select one or more benefit
      • Now target, actual, and forecast will have benefit name

Updates/Bugs Fixes

  • Project Benefit bowling views: now show year next to month for months near year change ( Dec-21, Jan-22 Dec-22, Jan-23)
  • Project Benefit Accounts: fix issue caused when renaming
  • Idea Funnel: fix small ui issue on help tip hover over
  • Project Benefit Log File: now shows history of deleted project benefits
  • Project Log: more actions from project benefits are now reporting to project log including notes
  • Project Charter: changed text of Linked Dashboard to Linked Huddleboards
  • Fixed issue: Executive user not able to delete users in their department
  • Fixed issue with Project Benefit Account pop up
  • Improvements to Merge/replace workflow
  • Improve refresh on goal grid view
  • Metric Bowling view: move % symbol inside cell
  • Create new Huddleboard: add default name & department selection
  • Team member Fix calculation error as % of 40 hour work week
  • Project Charter linked metrics tile: fixed issue with % formatting
  • Project Log file: Added entries for Project Benefit changes.
  • Fix issue where parent metric may not show in some cases
  • Huddleboards will refresh after 60 minutes
  • Small ui changes for add team member button
  • Fix issue with xMatrix print view not showing secondary relationships properly
  • Project Benefit tile added to Huddlboard will now show forecast row (if enabled)
  • Fix typo on reset password email
  • Fix issue on Project Benefit Budget report affecting future years when Status = Idea is selected.
  • Project Timeline view: improved performance of drag/drop to dates
  • Idea Funnel: Tabs now reflect count as global filters change
  • Balanced Scorecard:
    • minor ui updates
    • now works with additional metric input frequency (weekly, daily)
  • Saved Views: fixed bug affecting saved views with filter criteria over 1024 characters
  • Project task tab. Fixed issue where project may not open to correct task group
  • Project List view: Project start/end dates now show additional date formats
  • xMatrix Print view: fixed small alignment issue
  • Project Benefits: Implemented some data validation affecting some data/charts not loading