Released Sept 8 2018

New features & changes in this release:

  • Changes to Executive Viewer License type.
    • Executive license type is now essentially a Department Admin license.
    • Executive Licenses can View All Goals/Metrics/Ideas/Projects in their Department and below; as well as add themselves to any project in their Department and below.
    • Executive license type can now administer users (add/edit/remove) users in their department and below.
    • Executive license can NOT create a new Admin or Executive License user.
    • Executive License can create a new strategy, project, idea, or view only.
    • Executive License can now edit metrics and goals from within the project, as well as on their respective pages.
  • Changes to Strategy Viewer License type.
    • Strategy license can NOT create a new Admin or Executive License user.
  • Zapier Integration.
    • Added Zapier integration. Added single line update.
  • Current department selection now also shows in list, in proper order.
  • Ideas can now choose a different workflow without it activating it into a project.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix overlapping text on linking metric & on project sub tasks
  • Fix metric import bug (not recognizing month) [US]
  • Fixed drop down menu so the selected license type is displayed (along with all the others) in the correct order.
  • Fixed save & close button on goals and metrics pages.