The KPI Fire app will be receiving various updates this week:
Scheduled for:  Dec 12-13, 2017

  • New Goal View: A more complete one page view of all of your goal data with the metrics in a 12 month bowling chart view.Goals with Bowling Chart
  • Improvements to Search:  Now refine your searches by Goal, Metric, Project, or Idea to get more specific search results.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Idea would not convert to Active project if logged user was not on the project team
  • Fixed text alignment issues in Project Benefits

Upcoming Releases:

  • In this release we also did some behind the scenes work on some features that you won’t see today, but you will see in the upcoming releases including a new Kanban view for tasks and more Created  by & Date & Last updated by & date info

Please Note: If you are not seeing any of these features or fixes or having other issues in your account after a new release it can be a good idea to “clear your cache”.

Here are instructions for clearing cache in Chrome:

  1. Right click anywhere in browser area.  Select Inspect.
  2. Locate the Network Tab, check the box : Disable Cache
  3. Reload the page