The following fixes & features were released in April 2019

  • Metrics: Add reason codes and notes. 
  • Improve cache update so updates show up without page reload after new code is deployed
  • Replace Action menu icon with word “Action”.
  • Project Tasks: Fixed: clicking second task image was opening first image in some cases.
  • Project Tasks: Fixed: sub task now showing without refresh.
  • Goal Grid view: Updated text orientation.
  • Internal Reference: Sprint 178A


  • Zapier Integration: Added option for “Daily” data.
    • Interval column should contain “daily” and date should be in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Users Project page: add option to sort projects by priority.
  • Goal Bowling  view. Removed extra space between sections & removed the text for “no sub project”
  • Filters: Fixed issue on users filter.
  • New Idea page: Removed “Corrective Action” button.
  • Project Benefits: made it easier to add a level 1 Project Benefit.
  • Tagline changed to Mission statement. Option to hide/show added on Settings page.
  • Export Metrics: Changed location of export (add screenshot)
  • Search: make search not case sensitive
  • (Internal reference: sprint 177C)

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