You need a visual information management system because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visual information acts like shortcuts to the brain—that’s why it’s so powerful.

Why make your information visual?

Visual information management is an absolutely essential tool within the world of Lean and can be seen as the link between data and people. Visual management uses instinctive visual cues to make succinct, accurate information within a workplace available at all times to those who need to know it. This information is distilled down to its most basic form to give everything you need to know, and none of what you don’t!

Information management is fundamentally all about communication. Effective visual management uses instinctive visual cues to communicate key information about a workplace at-a-glance.

Good visual information management makes the situation easily understood merely by looking at it. The goal is to get as much information as possible with as little observation or time as possible.

Research shows that people tend to learn and process information more visually. Therefore, effective visual communications can have impact on safety, productivity, cost, quality, on-time delivery, inventory and equipment reliability.

Create a Visual Management System

With the human brain processing images faster than words, it’s important that the information you produce is high-quality, visual, and relevant for your audience. In fact, people are visual beings and they process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text, making visual information a lot more popular than textual information.

Metrics in KPI Fire provide a standardized, visual way for any accountable person to show their progress toward a goal. They can do this by utilizing the visual cues of Red, Yellow, and Green Zones. The format used in KPI Fire encourages a user to think about multiple scenarios in their planning and to determine each of the zones’ parameters.

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