Notification Settings

How to receive emails and internal notifications

Internal Updates/Notifications

Daily Update Page:

  • All current task notifications are found on this page
    • Tasks are changed from within each Project Workflow
  • Projects, Goals, and Metrics that have a Status Report due or overdue will show in these sections until they are updated
  • The Daily Update Email will send a report of this page to the user’s email address

Recent Notifications:

  • Any changes made related to the logged-in user will immediately display as a notification in the top nav bar

Email Preferences

Toggle Email Notification Settings for:

  • Daily Updates/Status Reports, Tasks, Comments, Ideas

Daily Update Email:

  • Will send a report of the Daily Update page based on the interval preferences

Immediate Email Notifications

  • Emails are sent individually and at the time of instance

Activity that Prompts a Notification or Status Update

Status Reports:

  • When a Status Report for a Goal, Project, or Metric is due or past-due it will show in the Status Reports of the Daily Update
  • Status Reports can be updated from within a Goal, Project, or Metric page

Tasks & Approvals:

Project –> Workflow Tab –> Tasks. If selected in Settings, user can receive notifications for:

  • Tasks assigned to me by others
  • A task that needs my approval
  • My task is approved or denied
  • Read more about Tasks: Status and Approvals