Product Enhancements – Release Notes December 2021

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release: December 27, 2021)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

Main Navigation 

  • NEW Waffle Menu Icon in Main Menu
    • Huddleboards are now accessible from Main Menu via the waffle icon
    • Saved views are now accessible from any page via the waffle icon.  The prior Saved Views navigation will be removed soon.

Licence Types & Permissions

Project > Charter Tab >New Tile >Show/Hide Tiles

  • NEW option to add Approvals tile which allows seeing all tasks with approval status.
  • Any task with approval will show in the approval tile.
  • Approver users will be able to approve/reject the pending tasks from this tile.
  • Read more details on Tasks: Status and Approvals

Project > Status Report > Notes

  • NEW added editor in Notes tile which allows adding links, table, and adjusting font.

Project > Project Benefit Tab

  • NEW added recalculate button to allow recalculation of numbers after adding or updating new values.

Project/Settings > Project Benefit Tab

  • NEW renamed button from Add Benefit to Add Benefit/Cost

Project > Project Benefit Report

  • NEW added last updated column on benefit details pop-up
  • It allows sorting the project by latest benefit numbers updated in project

Project > Project Budget Report

  • NEW added functionality to expand collapse the departments in the report
  • It allows seeing benefit values based on departments and sub-departments
  • Expand: Individual department values
  • Collapse: Roll up own and sub-department values

Project > Reason for shelving the project

  • NEW added editor on the pop-up.
  • NEW changed the button name from “Send”  to “Ok”

Reports > Project Tile View

  • NEW zero days remaining for completed projects.

Main Header > Daily Update page

  • NEW added thumbs icon to Approve or Deny the task

Project/Workflow > Charter Tab >Action > New Tile

  • NEW Added option to add Task Group tile (similar to huddleboard, project task tile)
  • It allows selecting the single or multiple task group(s) to add on tile

Project > Project health

  • NEW updated health icons and colors

Workflow > Settings > Department Visiblity 

  • Improved visibility settings when adding a new department.

Goals > Description

  • NEW added editor at Goal tab which allows adding links, table, and adjusting font.

Goal > X Matrix View and Huddleboard > Custom X Matrix

  • NEW added mouse hover over information for Goal/Metrics/Projects

Goal > Export & Import >Mass update

  • NEW added a mass update feature to goals for Owner, Department, Category, and Status
  • Take export and import it back after making changes in Owner, Department, Category, and Status

Metric Bowling View & Huddleboard 

  • NEW added a quarterly view button on weekly input frequency metrics in the weekly view

Settings > API Settings > Upload Metrics (For Admin License Only)

  • NEW added feature to bulk update the status of metrics for Active/Archive
  • Download the template and Upload it back after making changes in metric status

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