10 Characteristics of Over Achievers

After reading this article I thought, “Yep, that’s me.” The only disagreement was the last line about the end justifying the means. Reaching for the starts has everything to do with how you do it. You can’t find the stars in the slums you wade through without ethics, morals, or regard for others.


They have no patience for the status quo. 

This resonated with me. That’s why I got into Lean Six Sigma I guess. It wasn’t an accident. I’ve never been satisfied with a process, product, or myself. I’m always trying to make it better. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with those things… just that I know it can be improved.

They’re never satisfied with their achievements.

I was meeting with my investment team and struggling to highlight all the success we have had at KPI Fire. It  occured to me that this conversation is so uncomfortable because I’m always looking forward. I have a huge list of things that aren’t where they need to be and we need to work on them right now! I can’t look back and celebrate. We aren’t across the finish line yet. How can they expect me to talk about accomplishments. That was yesterday.

So for better or worse I cannot sit still in life. I have to achieve more, do more, contribute more. Is more better? Yes it is. Because it is more of what I love.