Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release Dec 30, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Features

Enhancements to the Custom Huddleboard:  X-Matrix

  • More control over placement of goals/metrics/projects 
    These changes only apply to the Huddleboard version of the x-matrix. The x-matrix view on the Goals menu will still function as before.

New Feature preview/beta: KPI Tree View
This feature will be added to the main menu navigation soon, but you can access it now by logging into your account & pasting this url into your browser.

Batch Update: add a Team Member to many projects (for Admin users only)

  • Projects

    • List View
      1. Actions
      2. Bulk Update
      3. Select Projects (click individual or select all)
      4. Click Next
      5. Select Role
      6. Add Team member
      7. Click Add Member
        • Optional:  Notify
          • Note:  If you select Notify the new team member will receive one email for each project they are added to.

Projects: New “Top Few” feature. Makes it easier to organize your “Top Few” performing projects for quick access or later review

  • Projects

    • List View
      1. Add “Top Few” option to your Filter Project View Columns
        • Click on Actions
        • Click Edit Columns
        • Select Top Few
      2. Top Few will now show in your project list and you can filter and sort by this column

Huddleboard: Add setting to control the date selector interval

  • Huddleboard Metric Chart

    • Line chart
      • New option to show/hide each column including custom columns w/numerical data

Improved Features

  • Reports: Project Benefit Exception Report: Improve layout
    • Edit on page
    • Show Status Report
    • Add Status Report
  • Huddleboard: Balanced Scorecard > Added option edit the show/hide for columns
  • Global Filters: Added option to filter by “no category”.
  • Turn off legend for line chart tile
  • Performance improvement on Project Benefits
  • Added Close button on Log File Modal
  • Metric Pareto Input: Improved the input of Pareto values. Now easier for metric editors to add values to Pareto list.
  • Project Log file now filterable
    • Select any project
    • Go to Actions
    • Select Log File
    • Can now filter Logs
  • Project List view: Current stage field: show last stage if project is finished.
  • Added API for Users
  • New Search Feature: Now find deleted projects and deleted tasks
  • Idea Funnel: Added “Active” tab for showing ideas which have moved to Active Projects.
  • Idea Funnel: Added help tip for tabs
  • Preliminary work for KPI Tree view feature
  • Huddleboard Metric Chart: Line chart. New option to show/hide each column including custom columns w/ numerical data.
  • Replaceable values: Some values can be translated with customer input

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue affecting weekly input metrics with April Fiscal year
  • Fix issue affecting metric count
  • Fix issue affecting clone project feature
  • Fix issue on project benefit csv export