October 2017

-New look to goal tile. Now shows more information for each goal.


-Added bowling chart view for Metrics

-Added Time tracking feature for logging time associated with specific project tasks.


-Add estimated resource allocation by project for managing resource allocation across projects. (Project Team tab)

-New Time by project and Time by User reports



-Show username on hover over for project tasks user icon

-Visible to All setting now lets Goals/Metrics/Projects be visible for future departments also

-New feature: Favorite project

-Require complex password for all new users

-Updated breadcrumbs for goal cascade

-Improvements to metric modal load time

-Add a task  number to project task workflow view


-Add Project Owner name to the project workflow tab.


-New menu style for Projects.  Now a dropdown instead of separate icons displayed.


A few bug fixes:

-Personal Projects page : default tasks to To Do & Doing, default projects to Active
-Fix issue with task delegation when project team has many users
-Fixed issue where key dates fields could be hidden on Project Charter tab
-Permissions: Team Member and Idea users need to be able to edit the charter of an idea they submit.



Sept 2017

-Update user invite workflow.  Allows invited users to be added to goals, metrics, and projects before user accepts invitation.

-Improvements to metric modal load time

-Fix search for team member and idea creator and making it visible to all

-Enhancing prior tasks UI

-Fix percent value

-Improve drag/drop sorting capability for metric tiles

-Update activation idea

-Fixing tooltips in tiles

-Fix tile spacing

-Update text field size in IE

-Updating drag and drop for tiles


August 2017

-Fix bug in creating project

-Prevent loss to charter data when converting idea to project

-Fix issue in save as an idea

-Update Year to Date calculation

-Disable strategy license to edit category

-Fix goggling issue

-Update icon in left side menu

-Update to create new field in workflow

-Update staging license

-Update project benefit metrics

-Updating tiles on flat mode

-Change edit mode icons