Project Manager

As a new project manager, you have a tough task ahead of you. It’s your job to juggle both personalities and responsibilities, and to keep your team focused on the goals at hand.

At KPI Fire, our project management software is here to make every step of this process easier for you. Our innovative technology will streamline many elements of your job, making it easier for you to focus on the personal elements you need to master. Here are some basic steps you can take as a project manager and team motivator to keep your team firing on all cylinders.

Team Player

As the project manager you are the one in charge and responsible for the success of the project. With this in mind it is important to remember that success in business is always a team effort. As a project manager, you are there to promote your team members just as much as to complete a set list of tasks. Know that it’s okay to ask for help, especially if you’re in a new industry or working with any equipment you don’t understand. You can learn a lot by asking from an outsider’s perspective like, “Why do we do that?” or, “How does this process work?” Use brainstorming tools like mind mapping to engage all team members, not just the talkative ones.

Be as transparent as you can as a project manager. Your team will appreciate straightforwardness, and encouraging that atmosphere will ensure a positive environment.

Solve Problems, Don’t Create Them

Often times as a project manager, it’s just as important to remember what’s not your job. We know you’re eager to get things done and help the team, but there might be certain tasks designated for certain staff for good reasons – and you might be creating a problem by stepping in.

Instead, look to lend a hand to specified professionals wherever you can. Manage your team in a hands-on way while also letting experts do their jobs.

Know Your Stakeholders

It’s vital in your position to have a thorough understanding each stakeholder that may be impacted by the project. These are the project’s “customers.” Knowing your customer’s goals and desires makes it easier to communicate with them, and easier to pass on their needs and wants to your team. Use a formal communication plan to ensure every stakeholder has regular communication that meets their expectations. The prevents a stakeholder from surfacing barriers to the project’s success at the last minute, derailing your timeline.

Embrace Change

Know that uncertainty comes with the territory. Even with the use of project management or strategic planning software, unexpected events will occur and you’ll be forced to adapt. Whether these are issues with your team, your business or your customers, you need to remain flexible and calm in the face of any turmoil. Your team looks to you to guide them during any periods of uncertainty.

Know Your Tools

Perhaps most importantly for some project managers, know your back-end tools! Our project management software isn’t here for show – it’s to help make dozens of elements of your job easier. You might waste hours on tasks like gathering status updates each week or creating reports for management that project management software like KPI Fire could handle in moments. Spending too much time on these tasks means less time doing value added work with your team could torpedo your project.

Want to learn more about how our software and solutions can impact your business? Our KPI Fire representatives are standing by and ready to help.