KPI Fire v3.0 Release Notes

//KPI Fire v3.0 Release Notes

KPI Fire v3.0 Release Notes

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for their input and ideas in making version 3.0 the most functional KPI Fire yet.

New Features

  • Ability to create Metrics, Projects, and Goals directly from each dashboard without entering Edit Mode
  • Default filter in the Department Selector showing the Metrics, Projects, and Goals that the user is a team member or owner of
  • Lock Tasks – Prevents tasks from being deleted or renamed
  • Project Status Reports – Users can send status reports to other members of their organization. Status reports are saved for review.
  • Workflow Enhancements
    • New layout
    • Shows the percent complete of each Project Stage as well as the overall project
    • Quick link copies a link to the task to your clipboard to easily share a task
    • Ability to view all notes for all tasks
    • Ability to print all tasks with notes on standard 8×11 size paper
    • Stage Gate (Task Group) Approvals now available in addition to task approvals
    • Team Approvals – Admins can create Teams of users. Any member of the team can approve the task or Project Stage
  • Workflow Templates
    • All approvals including team approvals can be setup in workflow templates
    • Ability to set task durations in workflow templates
    • Ability to link predecessor tasks in workflow templates. You can now establish a standard order and timeline for a workflow template
  • Metric Tiles now show the percent complete of the Target for the year for all number formats
  • Eliminated “Open” or “Expand” icon from Tile headers. Users now click on the header to open a tile
  • Updated security settings


Bug Fixes

  • Speed enhancements to loading metric tiles
  • Project unable to be activate as a blank workflow on some accounts
  • Some deleted tiles still being counted as sub tiles
  • Long department names running off the background of the Department Filter
  • Various other bug and performance enhancements

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