'Tis Strategy Season

‘Tis Strategy Season and all through your team

Not a person was focused on winning it seemed

Your plan was well hidden in a folder so small
No one could find it or read it at all!

The goals were so lofty, the strategy so grand
If only they saw it in the palm of their hand

When what to your wondering eyes did appear
But KPI Fire and a dashboard so clear!

Now Faster, Now Better, Now easier to track
You sprang from your desk nearly breaking your back

“We can do it!” you said as they all stood and cheered
Away with the spreadsheets, the doubt and the fear

Our projects are linked to our metrics and goals
We can execute now and stop living like trolls

And they sprang into action, your team with their plan
And you smiled as you saw it, and shook each one’s hand

Then you hit all your goals with projects done right
Happy bonuses to all, and to all a good night!


Merry Christmas Everyone! From your friends at KPI Fire.