KPI Fire User Training Videos

This page contains tutorials to help you learn the KPI Fire software.

Video Training Resources


  1. User Training Videos & Admin User Training videos. These videos can walk users through on-boarding.
  2. Links to useful blog posts showing frequently asked questions & popular use cases.
  3. Lean/6 Sigma Concept & Culture Videos: Share these to communicate/reinforce concepts used in KPI Fire.

KPI Fire Tutorials

Set up and On-Boarding Videos

New User 1st Time Login (8:58)

For any first time user, invited by an admin user. Setup preferences, Notifications. This video is ideal for any 1st time user to KPI Fire.

Managing Projects:  (14:59)

A good overview of the project management feature in KPI Fire.  Ideal for any person who will be managing a project with KPI Fire.

Projects Training #2 – Follow Along

Use this video with the KPI Fire New User On-boarding workflow. Designed for users to follow along.

More Administrator Training videos:

Managing Cost Savings Projects

This use case covers identifying a cost savings goal, setting targets for departments and benefit accounts, creating projects, updating project benefits monthly.

Additional End User Training Resource available:

Blogs: Getting Started

Featured blog posts, FAQs, and popular use cases

Continuous Improvement Culture

Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, & Strategic Planning

Use these training videos to help integrate core concepts of Continuous Improvement into your company culture and make the most of KPI Fire Software.

What does it mean to “be Lean”? ( 4:20)

Where to Start with Lean

(44:49  Recorded live presentation with Cedro Toro.

How to Start/Restart your Green Belt Program(9:30)

What is Kaizen? ( 3:15)

Building your Idea Funnel (3:34)

Lean vs Six Sigma ( 4:11)

6 Keys to Strategy Execution

Strategic Planning – Hoshin Planning

What is Six Sigma (2:59)

What is a KPI?  Lead vs. Lag indicators

Looking for Demo/Sales Videos?

We have additional videos that are great for introducing others to the core concepts and benefits of KPI Fire here:

For technical support contact support@ kpifire .com . If you have purchased our Premium Support Package contact your Customer Success Manager.

KPI Fire Tutorials are to help you learn the software and answer questions you may have. To get started with your KPI Fire account, watch the videos below. For general questions, visit our Frequently Asked Question page.